Sort the Court!

Sort the court is a cartoon-oriented simulation development game.  You will play the role of the king here. Your job is effortless. You only need to make your citizens feel happy, help them to be responsible for all kinds of decisions and improve their quality of life.  But decision-making is not so simple and can be decided, so you need to use your judgment and wisdom to make a decision.

Sort the court’s gameplay

In Sort the court, select the option by n or y.

Sort the court’s game content

In the kingdom, as the highest authority, you have the right to raise the living standard of the whole nation.  Therefore, the people in your town will come to visit you and ask for your advice and help, and what you need to do is to help them or refuse because good advice can help you increase the population, money or national happiness.  However, some unfortunate situations will make you lose your citizens, and the city may even fall into panic. Therefore, you must be cautious.

Sort the court’s game features

It has hundreds of different roles to ask for your help.  When your population exceeds a specific number, Sort the court will unlock some new stories and present unique scenes.

In Sort the court, you will work hard to improve the happiness index of the whole country.  The citizens coming and going will put forward various suggestions to you. What you need to do is judge whether it is feasible according to the proposals put forward by the other party.  Be careful because your decision will affect the operation of the country.  In Boncio, you will need to push all the other opponents on the same platform down and let them be killed before you can win the game.

Word scramble is a game that combines fun and intelligence. You will fill in the words according to the clues in the game.  Only if all the entries are correct can we win the game and get all the scores.  In duck life 2, you will choose a duck and train it from small white to become a great god, lighting up all its skills.  Then let them stand on the final stage of the competition and show your training results.

Do you think your control is substantial?  If you want to test it, then choose the color switch.  You can only let the ball pass its corresponding color position, and you must keep it between the circles.  If you touch squares of different colors, you will be killed.